Origin of Pilgrims Progress Book

John Bunyan Pilgrims Progress

1915 Edition of Pilgrims Progress

Shankill Baptist Church 1915

Sunday School Award for Attendance

My collecting of religious books continues to fuel my imagination of days long ago.  One of my more recent acquisitions is a Pilgrims Progress edition published in 1915 London by The Religious Tract Society.  It has an attractive blue cloth cover with a nicely detailed and somewhat ornate illustration.  The wear and tear over the past 100 years is really not that bad.  There are some smudges and a few spots on the pages but that just helps confirm the book was actually read, consumed, and maybe used for the purpose it was written.

The most interesting feature of this book is a presentation label placed on the front of the first end page.  It reads:

First Prize
Presented to
Agnes Irvine
for attendance
Shankill Baptist
Sunday School 1914

My first search for Shankill Baptist Church sends me to the web page of a church by that exact name located in Belfast Ireland shankillbaptist.com.  The community started in 1895 as the industrial revolution was taking hold of the area and there was a great need for evangelizing.  Since the book was published in the UK and since everything I search with Shankill appears to be in Belfast, I’m thinking that may be where the book was presented to Agnes Irvine over 100 years ago.

I have since emailed Shankill Baptist in Ireland and await any information that may confirm the book actually originated from their church.


Avarice and Gluttony

It’s day two of the parish mission and the priest addressed greed and gluttony.  It does not matter how much I have or how much I eat, I can still be guilty of either.  Of course the easiest way to see them is by having more and eating more, but there’s really more to it than that.  I think it all just goes back to what’s really in your heart and what you treasure the most.

More references to Abba Abraham were made tonight so I looked him up to learn more.  I always enjoy hearing about the early Christians. This is what I found http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moses_the_Black.   We also prayed the chaplet of Divine Mercy.  It was kind of odd that we simply spoke the prayer but it was just as powerful.  Even though I pray mine in silence when alone, I still sing it on the inside.  That’s just how I learned it.

Abba Abraham Saint Moses the Black